Born in Arcadia, California and now calling San Diego home, Ashley Danielle Fenner has been inspired by the sultry sounds of Jazz, heavy metal, and folk since a young age. She writes songs that hone a masterful quality well beyond her years, creating melodies intended to take their listener to a place far off from where their own two feet lie. Each song tells a story of whim and how adventure becomes a well man's remedy, to the four sided world we live in.

Music has been a constant force throughout her life. In summer of 2011 Ashley began writing her first songs “I’ve always felt different in some way or the other. I view our world through music. A web of melodies and lyrics all linked together by what we see and feel. I have a hard time being apart of our world, rather I prefer to observe what lies on the fringes of beauty. Study it then release it through lyrics or a guitar song... I guess that's why I write songs about trees and dancing with death."

Her song-craft lends to the deep lyrics, with hints of her influences, Peter Bradley Adams, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Django Reinhardt she has been described as “a true performer, raw, and lyrical genius” but the source of her writing continues to stem from the real life events that take place around her. "I can't give myself to much credit for writing my songs. Without witnessing life, without seeing the interactions between people, or a single persons reaction I wouldn't be able to construct melody or lyrics. I'm simply not inspired by myself, but the beauty and pain of the world most people overlook, on a walk to the park."

Ashley has been working on building a following in Southern California.She surprises her audience with the sultry sounds of a gypsy's folk jazz, collecting fans and new friends everywhere she plays. When she is not playing shows or writing, she is in either on a rock face climbing, or in the ocean waiting for the perfect wave. She is also working on a degree in Design from San Diego State University. She believes having a well balanced background is the key to finding success within ones self.

Ashley Danielle Fenner is now in the studio recording her first EP with anticipation of a release in the summer/fall of 2012.